32c3 Review: What does Big Brother see, while he is watching?

Surveillance is always of great interest among hackers. Not so much as that they want to remain undetected, but more in a sense that surveillance is a breach of privacy. And privacy itself is something highly valued.

Simon Menner is an artist, recently quite well known for his carmouflage shots, where he photographed carmouflaged snipers who were aiming directly at him. http://simonmenner.com/pages/Camouflage.htm

Recently he went to the Stasi-Archives and had a look around for images which would be interesting for his work. Also cooperative were the people from the former Czechoslovakia archives. Interesting conclusion: Only from broken down states one is able to gather any material from secret services. Within all organizations which are still “alive”, such historic images are not possible to gather.

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