Streaming Vinyl with a Raspberry Pi

My parents just handed me over two big crates of their record collection, and I found out that I didn’t even have a working record player any more.

Time to change that.

So. The hardware involved was:

The plan: Connect the record player to the raspberry and have it stream the records to my pc/hi-fi/phone/whatever.

Step 1: Connect the raspberry to wifi

That one should be easy: Use etcher to flash a mini-SD with raspbian stretch lite, use the headless setup guide and move then on with ssh.

As I didn’t have any mini-hdmi cable, this was the only feasible option. Only that it didn’t work. The raspberry wouldn’t be visible to the network.

I then took out my old trusty ubuntu-notebook, and with its help I was able to follow the advice ncguk gave in the raspberry forums: Add to the file /etc/network/interfaces the following lines (at the end) by just editing the files on the linux partition of the sd card.

<br />
allow-hotplug wlan0<br />
iface wlan0 inet manual<br />
    wpa-conf /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf<br />

With the correct data in wpa_suplicant.conf, I was finally able to cancel the order for the mini-hdmi cable and ssh into the raspbian.

Step2: Install icecast and darkice

Here I basically followed the advice I found on Steffen’s blog. Only that today with darkice 1.3 there is no need to compile the whole package in order to get mp3 support. That one ist already in nowadays.

Only hickup here: darkice didn’t start after boot. Here I found helpful advice in the ubuntu forums.

After applying these changes, everything works fine now.

Step3: Grab a glass of wine and start listening to your old records

That one worked quite fine, I can now access the record player from every device in the network, and with “streaming device audio” in Google Home, I can even use my chromecast setup. Nice.

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